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>DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as ... Additionally DokuWiki supports a "poster" image which will be shown before the video has started. That ... ities|pattern file]]. There are three exceptions which do not come from that pattern file: multiplicatio... ou can see, it's the cell separator before a cell which decides about the formatting: | ^
electronics:wr703n:unbricking: 4 Hits
h I used a 5V version mistakingly for a few days, which did not provoke magic smoke and worked flawlessly... kind of low-level (and low-security) FTP server, which is useful to flash firmwares for example. And co... the previous memory: erase 0x9f020000 +0x3c0000 Which says: First 0x2 last 0x3d sector size 0x10000 ... in memory: cp.b 0x81000000 0x9f020000 0x3c0000 Which says: Copy to Flash... write addr: 9f020000 d
electronics:wr703n:webcam: 3 Hits
wise usually listed with the ''lsusb'' command -- which was not available on my installation though. So... p://|GSPCA]], which is supported by OpenWRT :) I just did: opkg ins... ll unusable data. I then used ''--set gamma=80%'' which gave me something almost bearable, until I realiz
electronics:wr703n:sdcard: 3 Hits
s ''dnsmask'', ''iptables'' or even ''dropbear'' (which does the SSH connection but that I do not need si... In the end I even had to uninstall Luci itself, which may have left enough room in the first place: o... de> Yes, that was an old spare 2GB micro SD card which will be more than enough now :) Tou can now rest
electronics:wr703n:webservice: 3 Hits
some more regular webserver, such as ''lighttpd'' which is plainly available for [[electronics:wr703n:ope... ead somewhere that it could run over ''lighttpd'' which would be better for the small RAM of the router t... .90]] then I am granted with the main lua script (which may be a security risk -- I should forbid lua scr
electronics:raspi:archlinux: 2 Hits
l one-liners) ''packer'' helps dealing with AUR (which itself it used to build non-prepackaged items): <... ixels instead of whatever much bigger resolution, which in turns makes the existing fonts more readable.
electronics:wr703n:openwrt: 2 Hits
0* LISTEN 1444/uhttpd Which means that it's correctly listening on port 80. T... DNS server as it may conflict with your network (which prevents access to domain names and thus to the n
electronics:wr703n:nohup: 1 Hits
makes possible re-logging into the same session, which is sometimes extremely useful: opkg install sc
start: 1 Hits
lly, [[|TecRD]] is my company which helps small and big companies boost their compute
electronics:wr703n:relay: 1 Hits
a webpage of their own, plus a reboot of the box, which makes it really annoying. Here the device just s
linux:cnc: 1 Hits
last stuff in my house that hosts a parallel port which is needed by linuxCNC. If/when it works, I will u
electronics:raspi:i2c: 1 Hits
so add the i2c initialisation command to rc.local which means it will be run at every boot up; <code> #
electronics:wr703n:cgi: 1 Hits
ime. Check the configuration file (or use ''-p'' which tells what it really uses): lighttpd -t -f /ove
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