This wiki hosts some of data I collect when I deal with a tricky challenge, or something I do not want to go through again. It happens a lot with hardware. Note that the material here is often a mash-up of existing material, but not always.

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RMUD Delta - aka the Rostock Montpellier Upside Down

MARLIN configuration.h

Changes to configuration.h (from the delta variant of course), see also

PID_MAX 64 --> b/c of 24V ipo 12V
TEMP_SENSOR_0 5 --> Semitec 104GT2 thermistor

Manual checklist and gcodes

Install printrun:

Check the end-stops manually:

// Calibrate bed plan orientation with 3 points.
// Works for cartesian and delta machines.

M700            : Set bed plan and height with measured points
M701 Z P[0,1,2] : Measure A,B,C points with probe height Z if declared
M702 Z          : Reset bed plan orientation, measured points and maximum positions, and probe height Z if declared

G1 X0 Y0 Z100 F9000
G1 X0 Y50 Z35 F9000
G4 S20
M701 Z31.84 P0


M303 to autotune your PID (or see Tom's tutorial)

2014/12/14 19:21 · jeremie

To profile an executable and get a nice visual of it (you need the expected flags when compiled of course):

gprof exe/router.exe | -s | dot -Tpng -o profiler.png && gwenview profiler.png
2014/07/17 15:11 · jeremie

Check if a script is already running:

test "$(pidof -x "$(basename $0))" != $$ && exit
# or (bash only):
[[ "$(pidof -x "$(basename $0))" != $$ ]] && exit

Get the full directory name of the script no matter where it is being called from (src):

DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"

Automatically manage cronjob additions and removal of commands:

croncmd="/home/me/myfunction start 2> /home/me/myfunction/cron_errors < /dev/null"
cronjob="0 0 * * * $croncmd"
# Add
( crontab -l | grep -v "$croncmd" ; echo "$cronjob" ) | crontab -
# Remove
( crontab -l | grep -v "$croncmd" ) | crontab -
2014/07/16 18:50 · jeremie

linux cool and somehow esoteric tools

Raw list mainly for my own use:

Other that I would not forget but that may help a few people:

  • File, folders and CSV GUI comparator: meld
2014/03/14 22:20 · jeremie

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More about me on linkedIn or directly at jeremie francois at gmail. You may check my 3D printing-related blog and my designs, or a few spherical panoramas. Finally, TecRD is my company which helps small and big companies boost their computer-related research and development.

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