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but my PC IP was and my netmask did not allow the 192.168.1.X range. On linux I used the ... ack of the device). Beside, the above alias will not survive a reboot, so this is a temporary fix that will not mess your network configuration once the router i... ill be chinese, and right clicking in Chrome does not work for Chinese for a reason, so I had to revert
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er than Raspbian to boot! To create a swap file (not a partition), useful in case you overflow the mem... on the SD card (ie. noatime,nodiratime) but I did not found yet where the root partition is described ;... lsory. As for me I try to avoid just because I do not want to distribute the whole SD card, but just my... ndex.php/Netctl|netctl here]]. ===== SSH server not started on Archlinux for Raspberry by default ===
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o lowercase automatically, special characters are not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by usin... tyle from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create link...|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there wil... | If you specify a filename that is not a supported media format, then it will be display
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ility M3 AGP 2x Rev2 Installinux linux on it was not straightforward. I have no CD-ROMs in my house, and the laptop will not boot on USB keys. So I unscrewed the hardrive and... this partition, as the installer complained about not finding the CDROM during the install. Just switch... nce on the console: apt-get install xfce I did not try ===This fails=== To fix the video, I read
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(sorry you'll have to dig a bit in the doc, I did not record how I did it) Once configured, you can sa... 5V version mistakingly for a few days, which did not provoke magic smoke and worked flawlessly). Once ... here are the available partitions: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-... to close your tftpd server, mostly because it is not very secure and will become useless from now on.
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vc mjpg-streamer Note that ''mjpg-streamer'' was not available to me. But we'll check this later. On ... ly listed with the ''lsusb'' command -- which was not available on my installation though. So it look... mes that were so dark that I first thought it did not work! I had to play with ''fswebcam'' options: ... set hue=40% spl.jpg The vertical flip syntax does not match that of the other options (ie. ''--set vert
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o make myself a direct serial line. True, this is not compulsory if you take care of the procedure to u... ter ===== The WR703N reduced storage memory will not let you install much so you will most probably ne... ally, an external SD card is really a good thing (not to say a must) also to protect your router flash memory from wearing out. The internal memory is not meant to endure the repeated writes an SD card do
electronics:raspi: 3 Hits -w ./www -p 8080' But either /dev/video0 is not recognized (raspi camera), or the logitech C270 is not well handled by mjpg_streamer here. So let's do ... pg images within a ramdisk, but mjpg_streamer did not want to read there for some reason... I would hav
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nt script to shutdown the device when the wifi is not used for 15 minutes *AND* there is no local SSH c... y annoying. Here the device just shuts down when not used after a while. Just power it on again to res
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I deal with a tricky challenge, or something I do not want to go through again. It happens a lot with h... here is often a mash-up of existing material, but not always.** </blockquote> <columns 60% first colum
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e, I had to uninstall some packages because I had not enough memory left on the device (''df'' tells yo... ar'' (which does the SSH connection but that I do not need since I mostly use the soldered [[electronic
electronics:transcend_wifi_sd: 2 Hits
than embeds a complete linux wifi server. It does not have many I/O though a few people hacked a serial line to the card (!). IMHO it is not very reliable and has a very low wifi range, but
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(c) Andreas Gohr <>((Please do not contact me for help and support -- use the [[doku... nsider [[doku>donate|donating]] a few bucks ;-). Not sure what this means? See the [[doku>faq:license|
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s += ( "mod_cgi" ) Then, the server must be told not to serve the executable files as static content (... ss you are storing on the SD card as here, better not keep this option enabled as it will suck your sto
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