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electronics:wr703n:openwrt: 7 Hits
ter with telnet (note that there is no HTTP server yet at this address, so your browser ... r71xx/generic/packages/packages The former one is no more available (404). This makes luci wait for H... ted, Luci disappeared from my router, and I could no more configure the network to reach the outside w... s/trunk/ar71xx/packages/Packages.gz, wget. But no need to fight with ''vi /etc/config/network'' whe
electronics:wr703n:unbricking: 7 Hits
al Err: serial Net: ag7240_enet_initialize... No valid address in Flash. Using fixed address No valid address in Flash. Using fixed address : cfg1 0x5... 1.29 [Flags: R/O]. msgmni has been set to 58 alg: No test for lzma (lzma-generic) alg: No test for stdrng (krng) io scheduler noop registered io scheduler
wiki:syntax: 6 Hits
llowing syntax: I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we should >... >>> Then lets do it! I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we should > Really?... | Row 1 Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Headin... | Row 1 Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Head
electronics:wr703n:relay: 4 Hits
he wifi is not used for 15 minutes *AND* there is no local SSH connection from to the de... unused (specially made for OpenWrt wifi relays) # No shutdown occurs if there is a remote SSH conectio... 68\..*sport=22" /proc/net/nf_conntrack; then # No SSH connection - slowly blink and count time l... 0 sleep 1 elapsed=`expr $elapsed + 5` # No shutdown will occur if an SSH connection exists w
linux:cnc: 2 Hits
inux linux on it was not straightforward. I have no CD-ROMs in my house, and the laptop will not boot... nstall alien alien -i atimp310.rpm But it gave no improvement on my side, the screen still was garb
electronics:wr703n:webcam: 2 Hits
(...) Error starting stream. VIDIOC_STREAMON: No space left on device Unable to use mmap. Using ... her options (ie. ''--set vertical-flip=true'' has no effect). The hue still was wrong, but it is not a
electronics:wr703n:nohup: 1 Hits
hup / dtach a service on OpenWRT ====== There is no ''nohup'' on openwrt, but there are alternatives.
electronics:wr703: 1 Hits
R703N almost always resulted in a bricked device (no more light)... So I had to make myself a direct s
linux:bash: 1 Hits
/code> Get the full directory name of the script no matter where it is being called from ([[http://st
electronics:raspi:archlinux: 1 Hits
# no display
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