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(which does the SSH connection but that I do not need since I mostly use the soldered [[electronics:wr7... mount -t ext4 /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb -o rw,sync You need also to add the config to ''/etc/config/fstab''.
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p|file}} to flash and click the button (you first need to unzip it). Click "confirm" on the popup and wa... runk/ar71xx/packages/Packages.gz, wget. But no need to fight with ''vi /etc/config/network'' when we'
electronics:wr703n:unbricking: 2 Hits
com: * plug a network cable to your WR703N (you need this!) * reboot the WR703N by unplugging/replug... ulti-bss) Boostrap clock 25MHz ar9300RadioAttach: Need analog access recipe!! Restoring Cal data from Fl
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not supported. ===== No Formatting ===== If you need to display text exactly like it is typed (without... or ''%%<php>%%'' tags. (Use uppercase tags if you need to enclose block level elements.) HTML example:
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nics:wr703n:openwrt|dedicated section]], that you need to go through but you can forget afterwards. ===... ot let you install much so you will most probably need to attach and [[electronics:wr703n:sdcard|configu
electronics:wr703n:webcam: 1 Hits
WR703N ====== Check the requirements first, you need a working [[electronics:wr703n:openwrt|OpenWRT]]
electronics:wr703n:cgi: 1 Hits
at only executable-flagged files are allowed (ie. need ''chmod +x my_cgi_file'') cgi.execute-x-only =
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on, follow that link and create the page. If you need help with using the syntax you can always refer t
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le an executable and get a nice visual of it (you need the expected flags when compiled of course): <cod
electronics:wr703n:webservice: 1 Hits
ers... Anyway I'll get back to it when I feel the need. But for now, I don't want to deal neither with L
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