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is initially configured as but my PC IP was and my netmask did not allow the 192.168.1.X range. On linux I used the convenient "alias" option to add a secondary IP to my connection: Running ifconfig Gave me: eth0 ... RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1 This time my browser will see the router to be configured, at
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available to me. But we'll check this later. On my desktop, I plugged one very cheap camera I had ar... e ''lsusb'' command -- which was not available on my installation though. So it looks like it is a [... tween the kernel and the modules). They worked on my desktop though, but openWRT cannot provide the sa... fswebcam'' options: fswebcam --list-controls on my camera it gave me the following interesting optio
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and 256MB RAM (huh), and it is the last stuff in my house that hosts a parallel port which is needed ... rade it to 512M (for about $6 on ebay, wow). BTW: my graphic chip is the ATI Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x R... it was not straightforward. I have no CD-ROMs in my house, and the laptop will not boot on USB keys. So I unscrewed the hardrive and attached it to my desktop with a quite convenient IDE-to-USB adapte
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ot want to distribute the whole SD card, but just my addition (a script + binaries): pacman -Syv ''p... , logging on the Arch (root/root), and by killing my eyes I could (barely) see that ''sshd'' just was ... remotely, and finally get a correct console. Ouch my eyes. By the way, I enabled ''PubkeyAuthenticati... tc/ssh/sshd_config'' else I could not log in with my '''' SSH key (had to type the password
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outer ====== Shit happens... I obviously bricked my router while [[electronics:wr703n:openwrt|flashin... the following file. Here I will serve files from my /volatile ramdisk: <code> # /etc/default/tftpd-hp... up(110926).bin' /volatile/cn.bin I made a copy of my {{:electronics:wr703n:wr703nv1_cn_3_12_11_up_1109... 12 - 11:58:24) [[[[ here I quickly typed 'tpl' in my minicom client]]] AP121 (ar9330) U-boot DRAM: 3
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ectly at jeremie francois at gmail. You may check my 3D printing-related [[|blog]] and my [[|d... mas]]. Finally, [[|TecRD]] is my company which helps small and big companies boost
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ach to it if it already exists): dtach -A /tmp/my_named_dtach_socket -z /bin/sh Run a background job like as ''nohup'' does dtach -c /tmp/my_bg_dtach_name -z myscript An example, for my small webcam: dtach -c /tmp/dtach-frameshot -z fswe
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hat does PHP and so and will probably fulfill all my needs. ===== Displacing Luci and uhttpd ====== ... ith ''/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart''. From now on, my Luci administration webservice can be reached at ... w, Imostly want to serve pages that are stored on my [[electronics:wr703n:sdcard|external SD card]] at
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le-flagged files are allowed (ie. need ''chmod +x my_cgi_file'') cgi.execute-x-only = "enable" This... rks" And point your browser to the sh file, in my case to Altogeth
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Ideal world ===== If mjpeg was working fine with my camera, I would be able to do so: cd /usr/local
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omehow esoteric tools ====== Raw list mainly for my own use: * File sharing [[]]
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==== "Low-level" serial link ===== First of all, my first attempts at hacking a stock & Chinese WR703
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