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ports some simple markup language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This... are recognized, too. Please note that these only make sense in a homogeneous user group like a corporat... Level 5 == By using four or more dashes, you can make a horizontal line: ---- ===== Media Files =====... l 3 | To connect cells horizontally, just make the next cell completely empty as shown above. Be
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AUR "special" packages. ===== Installation ===== Make sure to know your SD card device by checking the ... ap /swapfile swapon /swapfile </code> And then to make it permanent: echo '/swapfile none swap default... nt to force a HDMI mode rather than DVI. This can make audio work in
electronics:wr703n:openwrt: 3 Hits|this one}}. Make sure to use the a sqhashfs **factory** firmware a... ith Luci itself: in the "System / Startup" panel, make sure to stop and disable ''dnsmasq'' in the list ... xx-generic-tl-wr703n-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin. Make sure to disable the DNS server as it may conflict
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tar -xvf ./mjpg-streamer.tar.gz cd mjpg-streamer make #sudo make install </code> See also [[
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(the usual cronjobs //raison d'ĂȘtre//), so as to make sure the script is re-started in case it crashes ... already running ===== Now, the script must also make sure that it is not started again and again when
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owing as ''/etc/init.d/wifi_idle_shutdown'', then make it executable with ''chmod +x /etc/init.d/wifi_id
electronics:wr703n:unbricking: 1 Hits
own'' and the many ''T'' timeout indicators? Then make sure that your WR703N is connected with a cable t
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n a bricked device (no more light)... So I had to make myself a direct serial line. True, this is not co
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, ".fcgi", ".sh", ".xcgi" ) And this will make sure that only executable-flagged files are allow
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ols]] and [[doku>auth|authentication connectors]] make DokuWiki especially useful in the enterprise cont
electronics:raspi:interfacing: 1 Hits
avoid brownouts (temporary voltage drop down that make the RPi reboot when hotpluggin USB devices). {{
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