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nd also the [[|installation]] and [[|documentation]] pages. **Note** The la
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====== Installation of linuxCNC on an old Dell Inspiron 4000 ====== I have an old Dell inspiron 4000 laptop wit... ome) - sda2 a swap zone (required to finish the installation!) - sda3 the remaining for the system to instal
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'lsusb'' command -- which was not available on my installation though. So it looks like it is a [[http://wiki.
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onfigure it, either from the popup windows during installation, or in the following file. Here I will serve file
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or unbricking a WR703N with a serial line. ===== Installation and upgrade of OpenWRT on the router ===== This
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t for now, I don't want to deal neither with Luci installation or lua ;) The problem is that ''lighttpd'' would
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s. The following syntax plugins are available in this particular DokuWiki installation: ~~INFO:syntaxplugins~~
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tend the functionality and looks of your DokuWiki installation. ===== Join the Community ===== DokuWiki is an
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Arch generally and AUR "special" packages. ===== Installation ===== Make sure to know your SD card device by c
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