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lation!) - sda3 the remaining for the system to install (and future home if needed) Then ''unetbootin'' allowed me to install linuxcnc on the third partition. By the way I had... complained about not finding the CDROM during the install. Just switch to busybox console (control-alt-f2) ... ably have to find a CDROM. For the full-featured install I had to give it some swap (else it will fail):
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se (else check next chapter) opkg update opkg install luci /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart Note (20170326... ckground) I am not sure these are needed: opkg install uhttpd-mod-lua luci-sgi-uhttpd </WRAP> ===== Ins... OK though. But the WAN is required by ''opkg'' to install Luci. Damn. //Update:// my failure to resolve do... /opkg-lists/barrier_breaker. And finally: opkg install luci A lot of packages will be installed, and onc
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02/motion-tracking-on-wireless-router.html ====== Install a webcam on a WR703N ====== Install a few packages first: opkg update opkg install kmod-video-core kmod-video-uvc mjpg-streamer Note that... ich is supported by OpenWRT :) I just did: opkg install kmod-video-gspca-sn9c20x And opkg install fswe
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{{tag>linux wr703n configuration}} ===== Install the SD card / mass storage support on the WR703N ===== S... on the router console again: opkg update opkg install kmod-usb-storage kmod-usb-storage-extras kmod-fs-ext4 block-mount Now, to install these, I had to uninstall some packages because I... now restore or add any packages you like: opkg install iptables dropbear luci Back to the [[electronics
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electronics}} ====== WR703N wifi router unbrick: install a serial connection to the router ====== Shit ha... ===== TFTP to reinstall the stock firmware ===== Install a TFTP server, for example: apt-get install tftpd-hpa TFTP is a kind of low-level (and low-security) FTP... running as expected with a tftp client (''apt-get install tftp''); cd /tmp tftp get /vo
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vd -vE 21 ftpd -w /mnt/sd/ & # Optionally install the latest busybox binary with more applets enabl... utable that works on the embedded ARM processor: Install the required cross-development packages: apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi binutils-arm-linux-gnueabi
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ion, which is sometimes extremely useful: opkg install screen Then check dtach: the smaller (and easier) way ===== opkg install dtach Start a detached session (or attach to it
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{tag>linux wr703n network configuration}} ====== Install a webserver on a WR703N ====== Now I want some m... web server ====== In the router console: opkg install lighttpd /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart If you c
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/relayclient With luci you may want this, opkg install luci-proto-relay Else just enable it in the ''/e... +x /etc/init.d/wifi_idle_shutdown''. And finally, install is as a boot script with ''/etc/init.d/wifi_idle_
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e nice and small "DS3231 For PI" RTC module. # install teh I2C tools apt-get install i2c-tools Eg. [[
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a Rapsberry PI ====== ===== MJPEG Streamer ===== Install ''{{:electronics:mjpg-streamer.tar.gz|mjpg-stream... -streamer.tar.gz cd mjpg-streamer make #sudo make install </code> See also [[http://jeremyblythe.blogspot.
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]] :!: * [[doku>changes|Change Log]] * [[doku>Install|How to install or upgrade]] :!: * [[doku>config|Configuration]] **Using DokuWiki** * [[doku>syntax|W
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]]) Here is a nice [[|install guide]], a step-by-step guide:
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ave ''lighttpd'' up and running first of course. Install also the ''mod_cgi'' module to be able to run external executables: opkg install lighttpd-mod-cgi ===== lightttpd configuration
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