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ck (Chinese) WR703N ====== Source: mostly from [[ ote that all the OpenWRT revisions are found on [[|t... ation ==== The router is initially configured as but my PC IP was and ... browser will see the router to be configured, at (this address is written on the bac
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all this not sorted yet ** GPIO and other ports: Raspberry/Arduino via [[|I2C]] or [[|serial]] link ... ervolting) bcm2835.h: special and useful library Python and GP
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=== External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set the link text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Em... s. External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set link text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Em
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uch lighter distributions though (eg. this 84MB [[ -image-for-raspberry-pi/|one]]) Here is a nice [[|install guide]], a step-by-step guide: Also some [[
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. ===== Download ===== DokuWiki is available at ===== Read More ===== ... ] * [[doku>blogroll|What Bloggers think]] * [[|Compare it wit... * [[doku>requirements|System Requirements]] * [[|Download DokuWiki]] :!: ... ions (FAQ)]] * [[doku>glossary|Glossary]] * [[|Search for DokuWiki help an
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ly ''/etc/init.d/uhttpd'' and is written in the [[ uci administration webservice can be reached at [[|]]. ====== lighttpd web server ====== In the router conso... nect to the router with the regular port 80, eg [[|]] then I am gr
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tronics:mjpg-streamer.tar.gz|mjpg-streamer}}'' ([[ eamer make #sudo make install </code> See also [[ .so -d /dev/video0 -r 640x480 -f 15' -o './ -w ./www -p 8080' But either /dev/video0 is no... ediate /tmp/stream folder then, as described [[##
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side Down ====== MARLIN configuration.h ====== on.h (from the delta variant of course), see also PID_MAX 64 --
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osts ====== {{blog>*}} ---- More about me on [[|linkedIn]] ... at gmail. You may check my 3D printing-related [[|blog]] and my [[|designs]], or a few spherical [[|panoramas]
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o, I read that I could install the X11 fix from [[ /inspiron-8000?driverId=R24653#|DELL]] (source: [[|ref]])... nssh-server ===== Next: linuxcnc ===== From [[ a patched kernel: Then fix a few things, from
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idden unexplained errors...) this way instead: $HTTP["url"] =~ "^/cgi" { cgi.assign = ( ".sh" => "... point your browser to the sh file, in my case to Altogether, here is a... $HTTP["url"] =~ "^/cgi" { ... -f /overlay/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf Check [[
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and references ====== You cannot miss this one: (re... s...) ====== France & French legislation ====== foquotidienne&utm_campaign=mailnumero1288&actu12 Local shop: AJC Modélisme (Lattes)
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aw list mainly for my own use: * File sharing [[]] * Single file lightweight phpmyadmin replacement [[]] * Multi-window terminal [[]], nice on a 30" Dell screen! * Basic flowcharts [[]] Other that I would not
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s straight stuff (motion tracking on a WR703N!) - installation though. So it looks like it is a [[|GSPCA]], w... Other links ====== Better / more compact setup:
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