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l move your mouse over the options in the left to check the URL it points to. The shown URL is http://192... connect to the new one of course) You can double check that your network is properly set up with ifcon... uld answer fine nslookup # finally, check if the DNS works Reciprocally, you should see yo... s fine, should should be able to rune these (else check next chapter) opkg update opkg install luci
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FI relay for a RJ45-cabled network device ====== Check the documentation here: ass/leds/tp-link\:blue\:system/brightness } idle_check() { delay_before_off=1200 for 20 minutes elapse... $delay_before_off" ]; then # After some time, check if wifi really was used rxnew=`wifi_rx` i... tart() { echo "wifi_idle_shutdown started" idle_check & } stop() { pid=`ps|egrep '[r]c.common.*wifi_i
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start the server: /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart Check it with a script like this, to be saved as '' /ov... ed as it will suck your storage space with time. Check the configuration file (or use ''-p'' which tells... ghttpd -t -f /overlay/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf Check that it is running 'cgi_mod'': lsof -p `pidof l... httpd -D -f /overlay/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf Check [[
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reader on your desktop PC * open it * double check its device id (eg. ''/dev/sdh1''). You can use ''... ount''. Optionally, add a big file on the card to check again that the free space changed on the expected... th ''mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdh1'' * mount it again and check -- you should see the "lost+found" folder that te... code> Finally, restart the device: reboot And check that you're now comfortable by issuing the ''df''
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r own IP with ''ifconfig'' (here: Check that your tftp server is running as expected with... ocess. It then should blink its led slowly again! Check it with the usual administration interface at htt... cated 1536 at 0x81f25000 athr_gmac_mii_setup: MDC check failed Setting Drop CRC Errors, Pause Frames and
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ion}} ====== Adding a webcam to a WR703N ====== Check the requirements first, you need a working [[elec... jpg-streamer'' was not available to me. But we'll check this later. On my desktop, I plugged one very ch
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es extremely useful: opkg install screen Then check
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or directly at jeremie francois at gmail. You may check my 3D printing-related [[http://betterprinter.blo
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nstall printrun: Check the end-stops manually: M119 <code> // Cal
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he mailing list]] * [[|Check out the user forum]] * [[doku>irc|Talk to other
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l information related to unix bash scripts====== Check if a script is already running: <code bash> test
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Pi_Serial_Connection|serial]] link Homemade PoE? check IEEE 802.3af. blue and brown/blue+white (unused)
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ash!). Restart it with ''/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart'', check that you do access the proper files, and
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pacman'' is the package manager on this platform (check [[|her
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