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to be as readable as possible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the page... texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. DokuWiki supports **bold**, //italic//,... exts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup... open a Windows Share. To remove this warning (for all users), put the following line in ''conf/userscri
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Support v1.8 Ben Greear <> All bugs added by David S. Miller <> ... yright (c) 2001-2005 Atheros Communications, Inc, All Rights Reserved ath_dev: Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Atheros Communications, Inc, All Rights Reserved ath_ahb: 9.2.0_U5.508 (Atheros/mu
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er that does PHP and so and will probably fulfill all my needs. ===== Displacing Luci and uhttpd =====... pd'' to another port, let's say 8080, by changing all occurrences of 80 in the file ''/etc/conf/uhttpd'
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===== Index: hacking a WR703N wifi router ====== All pages related to the WR703 (aka TP-LINK); {{topi... }} ===== "Low-level" serial link ===== First of all, my first attempts at hacking a stock & Chinese W
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fi internet at home without having to leave it on all the day. Your ISP (free or orange in France) usua
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should see the "lost+found" folder that tells you all is OK * unmount it from your desktop, it is now
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d ''packer -S vim-latexsuite'' ===== WIFI ===== All done with ''wifi-menu'', and more on [[https://wi
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debars]] to learn more. Please be aware that not all templates support sidebars. ===== Customize your
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// ===== Read More ===== All documentation and additional information besides
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Raspberry PI interface and GPIO ports ====== ** all this not sorted yet ** GPIO and other ports: htt
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ely)! ===== Flashing the device ===== Note that all the OpenWRT revisions are found on [[http://downl
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